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  • Understand your risk – how much is attributable to your environment and how much is within your control?
  • Understanding your heart
  • The Current Approach and why it's not good enough!




  • Learn the benefits of assessment with a Holistic risk evaluation
  • Heart Scans and how they work
  • Analyse the test results to determine your risk of heart attack


Health Plan


  • Complimentary Diet Assessment
  • The Best Food Plan for you
  • Role for Medication
  • Medication Goals
  • Medication Problems
  • Role for Supplements


Action Plan


  • Qualify your medication goals – what do you want them to help you achieve?
  • List actions to help with medication side-effects
  • Develop your food plan
  • Develop an exercise assessment and plan
  • Access nutritious heart-healthy recipes


My Journey


  • Track your progress on the journey to better heart health and reduced risk of heart attack.
  • Follow-up on blood tests and possibly repeat imaging to identify changes.
  • Follow-up weight and exercise assessments; are they effective?
  • Assess impact on other body systems: e.g. renal, visual, bowl, testes, prostate, bones, brain, skin and lungs etc.
  • Repeat blood tests at regular intervals to monitor progress.
  • Have there been any changes?