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The Healthy Heart Network is for those who recognise that Heart Attack is
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Heart Attacks
Are Preventable!

Ground-Breaking TV Show - Digital Version
Traditional risk assessment is like rolling a dice and your life is not worth the gamble.


The Future of Heart Health is Here.





A number of years ago something incredible, an amazing coincidence, happened that started Doctor Warrick Bishop on the mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them.

The "Healthy Heart Network Show" hosted by Doctor Warrick Bishop, Cardiologist and Two-Time #1 International Best Selling Author, who will uncover the latest technology and challenge old ideas and show you how it's possible to prevent heart attacks.

Ignorance is bliss until you die.

Traditional risk assessment is like rolling a dice and your life is not worth the gamble.

Learn what is available, if it is for you, and if it is what it means to you and your future.

Have ownership of your health needs by knowing the information that US presidents and astronauts are already using.



Check Out Our Episodes

Episode 1


Introduction and Philosophy

We all know someone who has had a heart attack, fit and well one second, and dead the next. What if we could stop that happening? Stay tuned, and I'll tell you how.
I want to share a story that changed a life and nearly cost a life.

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Episode 2


Understanding Your Heart

Want to know more about the engine in your chest? Today, we are going to be heart mechanics, and we're going to examine the most powerful pump you've ever owned: the heart!

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Episode 3


A Current Approach

Do you know your real risk of heart attack?
Stay tuned: you may well be surprised. In this episode, Warrick talks about the current approach that doctors everywhere use to assess risk of heart attack, and its effectiveness.

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Episode 4


The Art of Good Medicine

Do you want to know how we can be most precise about your risk of heart attack? In this episode, Warrick talks about what constitutes "Good Medicine", and all of the data and methods surrounding it.

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Episode 5


Image Is Everything

Want to know how to take a selfie of your insides? Stay tuned for Imaging The Heart.

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Episode 6


What About ME? My Arteries And Mind Your Language

Is scanning the heart for you? In today's episode, I'll cover who and why.

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Episode 7


Chalk And Cheese

Looking at your arteries is as simple as chalk and cheese. Today, I'll explain just what that means.

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Episode 8


What To Do With The Report And The Results

Pulling It All Together You've had a scan, what does it mean? In this episode, I'll explain it all in simple language.

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Episode 9


What About Chest Pain?

Angina, you've heard the term, what does it mean? Stay tuned and I'll tell you.

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Episode 10


Managing Symptoms And Prognosis

Do you want to live as well as possible for as long as possible? Let me explain how your doctor achieves this for you.

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Episode 11


Interview With Danielle Toscan

Today, it is my absolute privilege to have the opportunity to interview an accreddited, practising dietician, Danielle Toscan. Danielle has a special interest in heart health, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, food intolerances, and allergies. She is passionate about dispelling the myths surrounding nutrition.
Danielle believes that cooking and eating should be enjoyed; not feared. She is a huge believer in supporting local producers, and home cooking using fresh and seasonal produce.

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Episode 12


Interview With Dr. Matthew Budoff

In this episode, I will be interviewing Dr. Matthew Budoff, who is at the forefront of the medical community’s efforts to develop early detection methods for cardiac disease, the number one cause of death in the U.S.
Matthew is a Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Program Director and Director of Cardiac CT, Division of Cardiology, Harbor-UCLA Medical CenterEndowed Chair of Preventive Cardiology, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute.

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Episode 13



In our final episode, Warrick Bishop will recap the journey to your best heart health.

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Bonus Episode


Behind the Scenes & Outtakes

Go behind the camera and experience the making of The Healthy Heart Network Show

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Heart Attacks Are Preventable! Ground-Breaking TV Show  Traditional risk assessment is like rolling a dice and your life is not worth the gamble. A number of years ago something incredible,... Read More »