Do You Want to Improve Your Heart’s Health and Reduce Your Risk of Suffering a Heart Attack?


The Healthy Heart Network is designed to help members:

  • understand the present state of their heart’s health
  • recognise their current level of risk of suffering a heart attack
  • learn the positive steps they can take to improve their situation



The Healthy Heart Network exists because I realised that the current methods of measuring the risk of suffering a heart attack, as used by doctors everywhere, are not as accurate as we need them to be. This group will introduce modern risk assessment techniques and measures to take for reducing risk.

The statistics alone give us pause for thought: 635,000 people in the US suffer a first-time heart attack every year. For 10% - 15% of these sufferers, that first event is fatal – they die without any prior warning.

The Healthy Heart Network aims to significantly reduce these numbers by educating members with information that can cut their risk of suffering a heart attack.

Knowledge is power, even if that knowledge might be the realisation that you may have an elevated risk. Once you know, you can take steps to reduce your risk. You can reduce your risk as part of a support network where we’re all striving for the same thing – a healthier heart, and a longer, healthier life.



The Healthy Heart
Network Success Map

You can’t beat a healthy heart. That's not just a clever slogan but the reason for your journey. A healthier heart is your destination and achieving it makes you a winner.

Your journey will take you from the valley of the unaware, to the peak of achievement. Along the way, you’ll wander through the foothills of understanding, scramble up the slopes of assessment and planning, leap between the pillars of execution and monitoring, to finally arrive – not even out of breath – at the summit with a healthier heart and a reduced risk of heart attack.

In the valley of the unaware, you find yourself with little or no idea how healthy – or otherwise – your heart is. Nor do you have any knowledge of your current risk of heart attack, or what you can do to reduce your risk. You’re simply leaving everything to chance.

Working your way through the foothills of understanding, together with other Network members, you’ll learn how to find out where your heart health sits at the present, and some measures you can take to improve your situation.

Ascending the slopes of assessment, you’ll accurately review your heart’s current health status, laying down a baseline measurement for comparison, and devise a plan designed to improve your statistics.

Passing between the pillars of execution and monitoring, you’ll put your plan into effect with positive actions, monitoring the results over time against your baseline and target measurements.

Maintaining your commitment, determinedly overcoming any setbacks with support from others in our Network, you will ascend to your desired destination – the peak of achievement – having won for yourself a healthier heart and reduced risk of heart attack. This is an achievement to be celebrated along with your fellow Network members who were supporting you every step of the way.



What Makes Us Great?

In short – you do: the entire Healthy Heart Network membership!

Every one of you on a path to a healthier heart and all supporting each other on your individual journeys. It’s not simply about looking after yourselves, it’s about caring for others too.

We all win by taking an interest in and supporting other members as they progress to better health. We’re great because we’re there for each other, with words of advice and encouragement when required.

Along the way, we’re there celebrating all the little wins as we each get steadily healthier until we can enjoy a major celebration as each of us achieves our target.