What's Included in Your VIP Membership:




Welcome Kit

As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to Your Membership Area, which is packed with lots of valuable resources.

We’ll also send you your Healthy Heart Network ‘Prevention Kit’, and it's loaded with many things to help you on your journey to better heart health.

It includes your own personal Journal and Workbook.



Learning Programme

We provide you with an ongoing, structured learning programme to inform and support you improving your heart health.

It lays out the underpinning principles and the methods by which you’ll work towards reducing your risk of heart attack and enjoying better heart health.

You’ll get access to videos and activities all designed to support you in your efforts to get healthier – regardless of your starting position.



Group Coaching

Twice monthly online presentations with interactive presentations.

You’ll have the opportunity to raise any topics and issues you’d like covered in these online sessions. You can even put yourself forward to receive direct coaching during a session, enabling the entire group to learn from your experience.

Every session will be recorded and made available on the website afterwards, so don’t worry of you miss all or part of any particular session. You can listen again at your leisure.

You don’t have to do individual direct coaching within a session. If you’d rather learn simply by listening to others being coached, that’s fine.

We’re all here in support of one another.




Visiting Experts

We’ve planned an interesting programme of visiting experts, covering a wide range of topics directly or indirectly related to heart health and risk of heart attack.



Private Facebook Group

The Healthy Heart Network dedicated Facebook Group is where members can share their goals, their fears, any difficulties they’re encountering or tips for overcoming difficulties, track their progress and celebrate each other’s successes.

Warrick and the entire Healthy Heart Network team will be there offering ideas, support, challenges and accountability.

Members will be encouraged to raise questions and suggest topics for discussion.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute in support of their fellow members.

The more we all engage, the greater the positive impact we all benefit from.



Wealth of Resources

Access to a wealth of supporting resources which promote physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Access to the full Healthy Heart Programme Podcasts, Videos, Articles, Activity Books.

Recordings of presentations and coaching sessions.

Recordings of Visiting Speakers.