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Heart Attacks Are the Single Biggest Killer in the Western World...

But Heart Attacks Are Actually Preventable.

I'd just like you to know that we're fully aware of how scary it is to confront a reality as scary as having a heart attack.

It's because we're aware of it that we've created the Healthy Heart Network, where you can interact with, support and encourage each other on this journey.

The Healthy Heart Network will bring together people with a desire to identify the positive steps they can take, rather than leave everything to chance.

It’s for those who recognise that heart attack is a killer and want to know how they can lower their personal risk of suffering one.

The Healthy Heart Network isn’t a course; it’s a journey – a journey made in company with others looking for the same information and taking the same steps to look after their heart health. It’s a place where you’ll access up-to-date information based on modern practices and proven strategies.


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Follow Our 5 Easy Steps...



  • Understand your risk – how much is attributable to your environment and how much is within your control?
  • Understanding your heart
  • The Current Approach and why it's not good enough!



  • Learn the benefits of assessment with a Holistic risk evaluation
  • Heart Scans and how they work
  • Analyse the test results to determine your risk of heart attack


Health Plan

  • Complimentary Diet Assessment
  • The Best Food Plan for you
  • Role for Medication
  • Medication Goals
  • Medication Problems
  • Role for Supplements


Action Plan

  • Qualify your medication goals – what do you want them to help you achieve?
  • List actions to help with medication side-effects
  • Develop your food plan
  • Develop an exercise assessment and plan
  • Access nutritious heart-healthy recipes


My Journey

  • Track your progress on the journey to better heart health and reduced risk of heart attack.
  • Follow-up on blood tests and possibly repeat imaging to identify changes.
  • Follow-up weight and exercise assessments; are they effective?
  • Assess impact on other body systems: e.g. renal, visual, bowl, testes, prostate, bones, brain, skin and lungs etc.
  • Repeat blood tests at regular intervals to monitor progress.
  • Have there been any changes?



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