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UnderNeath The MakeUp Series: Nurture the Powerful You! 365 Daily Inspirations

by Cherise A. Williams


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First Place Winner of the Christian Author Awards in the Devotional category, UnderNeath the MakeUp Series® is an awe-inspiring daily devotional that will soothe your soul throughout your life. These 365 daily inspirations are full of passion and address the day to day challenges we face throughout our lives. God has given Cherise a faith walk and straightforward style that will nurture everyone who follows the path with her. Beginning with January 1st, she provides prayers and encouragement that will increase your faith and keep your walk focused with faith, favor, and unwavering determination. Cherise A. Williams’ devotionals are not the usual soft and sweet generalizations that seem disconnected from any kind of life we recognize as real. Every devotional in this book comes from true life events and is designed to inspire readers to be the powerful person God intends them to be. It’s very easy to crumble under pressure, but these daily devotions will help you stay strong in your faith that does not compromise. God is our guide and He wants us to be confident sharing our truth as we help ourselves and others live a life of acceptance, belonging, and being. Underneath the Makeup Series® is a devotional blueprint to a more powerful You! If you are giving up on your dreams, Cherise says, “God does not have a nervous condition! Why give up on the powerful you?” Unlike any other devotional ever offered, these 365 Daily Inspirations cut to the heart of how we live today and are written to nurture the powerful you! While our world throws new challenges and risks our way, God has not changed; He’s always ready to give us the strength we need when we dare to step out on faith. Whatever we desire, with God at our side, It’s Already Done! God is right where you are,
standing strong in the midst of your
darkest storms. Don’t give up! Look up! ~ Cherise A. Williams Cherise A. Williams is an innovating educator, actress, professional modern liturgical dancer, choreographer, and mentor. She is also a creative writer, designer, professional model, humanitarian, and business owner. She has been seen on stages large and small in Florida, New York, and Los Angeles, California, as well as on screen. Her performing arts career includes many honors as a principle dancer and choreographer. Her great desire is to carry Truth back to others and to become the light for those who are afraid to step into a dimension of their own Excellence. No matter what Cherise does in her life, God causes her hands to prosper as she prepares her sons and other youth for their promising future. She is an agent of change, and an Effective Reading Educator in the Broward County (Florida) Public Schools. Above all, Cherise has a passion for living boldly in faith and for shaping young minds. Cherise is a Cum Laude graduate from Everest University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Management. She possesses a Reading Endorsement from the Florida Department of Education. Her academic background also includes doctoral studies toward a PhD in Business Management with a concentration in Leadership from Capella University.To learn more about Cherise, visit her website at