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Welcome to Dr. Warrick's podcast Channel.  Warrick is a practicing cardiologist an author with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education work believes educated patients get the best health care discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love.

Hi. My name's Warrick Bishop. I'd like to welcome you to my consulting rooms. Thank you for joining me and my hope is to produce for you over the next weeks to months podcasts and some videocasts on common issues around cardiology that will help you or help with loved ones who have questions and queries. Hopefully talking about common things and common problems and giving you information that will shed a bit of light on one of the most important structures in our body our hearts. My background is that I trained here in Tasmania and I've moved into cardiology with a particular focus on prevention. I'm involved in lipid management and pursue that. I'm involved with the Australian atherosclerosis society which is an organisation dedicated to looking at the build-up of cholesterol within the arteries. I have an interest in the local university and the Menzies Research Institute.

I'm also very involved in scanning the heart using C.T. technology to try and see what the health of the arteries are. In fact, I've written a book in that space called "How To Plan Your Heart Attack" where I talk about how that technology may be beneficial in finding who could be at risk before they have a problem. I'm hoping that I'm able to provide over a series of podcasts and videocasts information that might fill the gap for you or for people you know a lot of information on common conditions like cholesterol like heart attack like blood pressure like a true fibrillation like palpitations. There are so many things that turn up in cardiology on a daily basis. In my consulting room, I'd like to share some of those conversations with you.

Hopefully, that'll give you more understanding and may allow you to ask more questions about your own health care, and certainly provide enough background so that you can be involved in seeking the best care for you. So I really hope that the information that we generate over the next weeks to months helps you and that you find it interesting. It would be my pleasure to provide that. And I wish you the very best. Thank you.

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