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Atrial Fibrillation Explained Journal

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Doug Parkinson

Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2023

How your heart works and how to deal with irregularities

For anyone experiencing AF or just interested for any reason this book is perfect.
The author Dr Warrick Bishop is a leading specialist in heart function and disease, with the ability and desire to communicate in ordinary language.
If before reading this book you didn’t understand Atrial Fibrillation, you certainly will by the time you have finished it.
A pleasant portrayal and a pleasure to read,further enhanced by the use of real case examples, this book is almost hard to put down.
Get your copy and enhance your health through the knowledge you will gain.

R. C

Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2023

What is going on

very informative

Amazon Customer

Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2023

A clear and concise explanation that is really helpful to non-medical people, without being condescendingly over-simple

This book successfully explains a complex subject in language that a normal intelligent person can understand. As a person with the condition, it has helped me understand the causes, and what contribution I myself can make to minimise the effects. It also assisted me to fully comprehend the cocktail of pharmacies proposed and implemented by my specialist doctor. The writer clarifies how each piece of the jigsaw works in combination to enable me to continue enjoying a satisfactory lifestyle, while minimising the chance of dangerous medical emergencies caused by the AF condition.

Vince Schultz

Reviewed on 2nd Dec 2023

Everyone should read this

It was very readable, only took a few minutes but it explained Arial Fivilllation simple and easily. I keep it on my iPhone and get friends to read it when we visit. Thank you

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