Healthy Heart Network Journey (Monthly)

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"The Healthy Heart Network is for those who recognise that Heart Attack is one of the single biggest killers today and you want to know how to lower your personal risk of suffering one." 

I'd just like you to know that we're fully aware of how scary it is to confront a reality as scary as having a heart attack.

It's because we're aware of it that we've created Healthy Heart Network where you can interact with, support and encourage each other on this journey.

The Healthy Heart Network will bring together people with a desire to identify the positive steps they can take, rather than leave everything to chance.

It’s for those who recognise that heart attack is a killer and want to know how they can lower their personal risk of suffering one.

The Healthy Heart Network isn’t a course; it’s a journey – a journey made in company with others looking for the same information and taking the same steps to look after their heart health. It’s a place where you’ll access up-to-date information based on modern practices and proven strategies.

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"The Healthy Heart Network is for those who recognise that Heart Attack is one of the single biggest killers today and you want to know how to lower your personal risk of suffering one." 

On top of your membership we also include over $900 worth of bonuses:

  • Access to Membership Site & Course Set (Valued at $295)
  • Your own personal full colour journal valued at $20
  • Hardcover copy of "Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack" valued at $32
  • eBook and Audio Book Versions of  "Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack" valued at $25
  • Diet & Nutrition Guide with Bonus Recipes valued at $50
  • Access to all courses on the platform at no additional cost
  • Complimentary Dietary Assessment valued at $49
  • Low Carb, Healthy Fat Living eBooks such as recipes and meals plans valued at $50
  • Bonus Low Carb Healthy Fat Online Starter Program valued at $200
  • Sugar Detox Course valued at $20
  • Optional Virtual Heart Consultation (Valued at $99)
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Reviewed on 13th Apr 2024

Life-changing heart health course experience

"Hi, my name's Cole. I retired about four years ago. I lead a pretty active lifestyle and spend a lot of time out surfing, quite often on my own. And I started wondering that  being in my 60s, whether I was at a bit of a risk of heart attack. And  so I thought I'd better  do some checking. And after Googling, I found the Healthy Heart Network, did the virtual heart check and found that I was  you know, in a one in three chance of having a heart attack.

And having a friend who had a heart attack who was 10 years younger than me, and quite healthy, had no symptoms, because as you know,  usually the first symptom is death, so I decided to have a look at the Healthy Heart Network course and signed up, didn't cost much.  I found it really interesting. The course is extremely well laid out, well designed.

It's been done very well. The web interface has been beautifully coded. It's very easy to use and it's quite an enjoyable course to do. You learn so much. It's quite a surprise to find out how easy it is to have a heart attack if you're not looking after yourself.  Anyway, you track your progress through the course.

You've got access to a cardiologist who will answer any of your questions at any time. You've got a great support network. I don't know if they're on Facebook, I'm not, but if they are there's quite a good community there of support as well,  and the fortnightly Zoom meetings are brilliant. Doctor Warrick comes along every fortnight, answers all your questions, and he'll discuss whatever topic you want to talk about.

If you want to add anything in the list, just drop him an email. I found it brilliant, and even when I was away traveling in my van. I was able to log into the Zoom meetings and I had a couple of my mates sit in with me as well who thought it was interesting and decided that they might  do some checking as well.

At the end of the course I've  lost over 10 kilos. I feel a lot better because of the changes I've made to my diet and lifestyle and everything. I can't recommend it highly enough. I just think anyone my age or even younger really, really should be looking at this because  the only way to  stop from  dying of a heart attack is to look after yourself and what better way than to understand how the system works and  make some positive changes and I'm certainly glad I did.

I would really encourage any of my friends or anyone to have a look at this course, seriously consider it, because it's interesting, it's fun, it's enjoyable, and you just get so much out of it."


Reviewed on 13th Apr 2024

Valuable information, Supportive community, and Beneficial resources for heart health management

"Hello, my name is Doug and I'm a retired 78-year-old. I just want to say something about Dr. Warrick Bishop's Healthy Heart Network.  I became  involved with the network about four years ago following a knee replacement operation  that I had and during that they detected that I had AF or Atrial Fibrillation,  which is basically an irregular heartbeat which can be  quite dangerous depending on the circumstance.

Following  my recovery from that op, my GP referred me to Dr. Warrick Bishop and I've been dealing with him since then, on and off, over the past three years.  I found him very useful, personally, very easy to get along with. He's a man with a wealth of knowledge, information, and ideas.

I've been very impressed by his ongoing desire to educate  the community on  healthy heart matters and he's  constantly trying to get the message out there about the importance of people taking care of their hearts through such simple things as diet and exercise. I've been lucky in a way.

I'm a swimmer. I've been swimming for exercise since about 1998,  but that's by they by. The Healthy Heart Network is,  for me, a great way of just getting questions answered. It's an online process. It's as private as you want it to be and the information is there to get if you want it. Your questions can be answered and  you don't have to be alone with your little heart health problem, whatever it might be.

So, it's an ongoing process for me.  I've had tablets prescribed to deal with blood pressure, statins for plaque, cholesterol, and so on, and aspirin as a blood thinner.

The podcasts that Warrick issues through the Healthy Heart Network are extremely useful. They're little video clips, which mainly  feature him giving a much more articulate spiel than this one, on various matters relating to health. In some ways it's a bit of information overload I find, but it's much better to have more information than not enough.

I'm enjoying being associated with their network on an ongoing basis and I guess that'll  continue for me as my issue will now be a lifelong one. So the HHN, Healthy Heart Network, as  I can describe it, it's a  great way of understanding matters relevant to heart health and of course there are various including diet, exercise, and so on.

Doctor Warrick's books I use as a reference library. They're just a great reference tool for me.  So, that's about it from me. I hope what I've said helps you in some way. If it encourages you to get interested in the network then I'm sure you'll get the same benefit from it, as I have.

It's cheap. It's not a costly exercise at all. If you want to spend a bit of money on Doctor Warrick's books, well, you do it. So, good luck with your heart issues too, and  I'll leave it at that. Thanks very much."

Joy Huber Joy Huber Verified Purchase

Reviewed on 13th Apr 2024

This is such an informative network. Worth belonging to if you are interested in your heart health.

This is such an informative network. Worth belonging to if you are interested in your heart health.

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