Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop, and I'm a cardiologist with an interest in preventing people having heart attacks.

Well, how's that significant for you? I don't want you to have a heart attack. Importantly, I've put together two platforms that are connected that may well help you.

First of all, check out the virtual heart check. The link to that is attached to this video, but that virtual heart check runs a virtual heart scan. That is a platform that allows you to book a scan to literally look at the arteries of your heart, to see the health of those arteries, in any major city in Australia.

Well, why would you do all this virtually?

Well, it's, it's a busy world. We all are busy with time and to down tools, work and go and see a doctor which might take an hour, plus finding a park, plus waiting in a waiting room and all those stuff. It slows people down and I want people to be able to get properly assessed, get their risk evaluated and prevent the chance of having a heart attack, not be caught up in not getting something done because it's awkward difficult, or you just don't have the time to get here.

The Virtual Heart Check, which will guide you to the scan, if it's appropriate, and booking a scan can all be done in the convenience of your own home, at a time that suits you, and it's cheaper than going to your GP, a specialist, in getting a scan.

So check it out. The link is attached to this. It's all about being proactive in the space of risk of heart attack.

I'm gonna wish you the very best of course, take care and bye for now.


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