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Today I'd like to cover what is an angiogram. Well very simply 'angio' means vessel or blood vessel and 'gram' means picture. So an angiogram simply means a blood vessel picture. Historically the only way we've been able to take and you grams in a living person is by passing a tube - a small thin tube which we can squirt dye down into the arteries of the heart and take a picture. We can do that by accessing the circulation. However, it isn’t a test without risk. In more recent times, there is another way we can get an angiogram of the coronary arteries. In more recent times, our CT technology or CAT scan technology has improved, and a CAT scan has a rotating array of X-ray cameras that spin around the body, take a set of images, and then step to one side to take another set of images and stitch those images together. 


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