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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. Look, I had the privilege of going along to a meeting recently where one of the speakers was talking about transplants. And we know that corneas can be transplanted, kidneys, lungs, hearts can be transplanted. But I was absolutely taken aback by this concept of a kidney registry where if one individual needed a kidney and they had a loved one who wanted to donate, but that didn't match, they could go on the registry. And then, for example, another couple or family might have a person who needs a kidney and someone who wants to donate, but that doesn't match. But if each of those other two did match, then they could be swapped over. And so there's this opportunity for, if you like, a lining up of these people in the registry to swap kidneys so that one kidney from one family goes to another family and vice versa. An extraordinary domino transplant effect. We've had up to seven operations occurring simultaneously in Australia to fulfil those registry opportunities. But that's occurred with a domino effect of up to 50 kidneys in the United States, which is just incredible when you think about what transplanted kidneys can do to someone with renal failure. An inspiring concept. I've created a podcast, below. If you're interested in a bit more information. I wish you the very best.

Please think about donating for transplantation. Look after yourself. And don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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