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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist.

I'd like to talk a little bit about what occurs if the heart races too fast for too long. We see this with atrial fibrillation most commonly because atrial fibrillation is a fairly common rhythm. But if the heart races too fast for too long, then the, it's a bit like revving your car engine too much. It just puts wear and tear and strain on the engine while the heart actually decompensates because it's going so fast, it loses its normal ability to relax and contract and it blows out. It just stops working properly. We have a name for this. It's called fast heart-related heart failure or tachycardia-induced cardio myopathy. Tachy, meaning fast, cardia meaning heart-induced, bringing it on. Cardio pertaining to heart myopathy meaning failing heart muscle.

So tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy, it is fortunately reversible with the right treatment. I've done a podcast on the very topic below if you're interested.

Till Next time, make sure your heart doesn't race too much. Look after yourself. Good health. Don't die from a heart attack and goodbye.


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