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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and a cardiologist. Welcome to Healthy Heart Minute. And I'd like to talk about statin intolerance. This means that people are having trouble taking a tablet that they've been given for lowering cholesterol. Statin intolerance has a broad spectrum. People describe all sorts of bits and pieces and symptoms on a scale. At one end, there really is a catastrophic what we call rhabdomyolysis, meaning a meltdown of the muscles. This occurs very infrequently at a rate of about one in 70 to 80 thousand people. It does occur. It is a medical emergency and we do need to be aware of it. But only a small portion of people ever see that dramatic effect. At the other end, we see people with all sorts of aches and pains, generally, statin-related aches and pains affect the large muscle groups around the hips, in particular, maybe less so around the shoulders and the back. It's a complicated area and dealing with it for patients and finding the best way forward is a challenge for the patient and the doctor together.

I've done a podcast on the very topic. The link to that is below. So, if you'd like to learn a little bit more about statin intolerance, please have a listen. Till next time. I wish you the very best. Take care and look after your health and please don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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