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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop, and welcome to a Healthy Heart Minute. Often I have patients asking me why did they progress to bypass grafting rather than stenting? Well, the long and the short of it is it's basically related to the anatomy or the way the pipes are laid out. From a technical perspective, more often than not, if we have a single artery with a single lesion, we can look to put a stent in that and open it up. But often people who need grafting have complicated blockages in multiple vessels, sometimes on bifurcations or awkward spots to plant a stent. Also, some of that research would suggest that the sicker someone is, if they have diabetes or impaired left ventricular function, then often is the case that they may well do better with bypass grafting over stenting. Well, I hope that makes a bit of sense for you.

I've done a podcast on the very topic and the link to that is just below. So, have a listen if you're interested. I'm going to wish you the very best. Take care till the next Healthy Heart Minute. Bye for now. And please don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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