Welcome to Dr Warrick's Podcast Channel. Warrick is a practising cardiologist and author with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education work believes educated patients get the best health care to discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love.

Hi, my name is Dr Warick Bishop and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute where today I'd like to let you know about a rather serendipitous or chance finding, which is a group of researchers noticed that there was a drug that we use, like aspirin and with aspirin, for patients who need stents in their arteries, that same to reduce risk of infection. Well, that medication is called Ticagrelor or Brilinta and researchers demonstrated that though it's got an action to reduce platelet stickiness so that your stent doesn't clog up when it's been put in, it also seems to have an action against bacteria.

Well, this is a really interesting space. I've put together a podcast on the very topic. The link to that is just below. If that's of interest in you, for you, please check it out. For now, I wish you the very best. Take care and bye for now.


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