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Hi, my name is Dr. Warrick Bishop and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute.

Here's one you might not have heard of this, but there is a carrier for cholesterol within the blood stream called Lipoprotein a. Now, may not mean much to you, but we see this particular carrier of cholesterol more in some people and less than others. And in the people where it's more prevalent, there's a higher risk of heart attack. There's a higher risk of aortic stenosis. So, we think it's a mischievous carrier of cholesterol within the body. All the time it seems to increase the risk of inflammation and clotting and deposition of cholesterol. So, it's a bit of a tricky little cholesterol carrying protein, and it's one that we're starting to learn more and more about.

Well, anyway, I've had the chance to speak with Dr. Karam Kostner, who's an Australian and international expert on Lipoprotein a. He shares his knowledge in a podcast attached to this video. I'm pretty sure you'll find it interesting if there is increased risk of heart attack within your family. Lipoprotein a could be the cause. So check it out. I wish you the very well. Until next time. Bye for now.


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