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Hi, my name's Dr. Warrick Bishop and welcome to my podcast and video cast station. This is a Healthy Heart Minute and it's about Ezetimibe, a medication we use to help lower cholesterol.

I've had the chance to speak with Dr Karam Kostner, who's a world expert in cholesterol management, and we talked about what ezetimibe is.

It's a compound that sits in the gut and sort of stops or reduces absorption of cholesterol. We talked about where we use it. We often use it in conjunction with statin therapy to really pull that cholesterol down. We talked about its tolerability.

Ezetimibe, what is it? Why do we use it? And even how does it work?

So, if you're interested in knowing more about Ezetimibe, which is a cholesterol lowering agent, please check out the podcast attached to this short video and find out more.

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