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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute Today, I'd like to tell you what a lipoprotein is.

Well, you probably may have heard that word, but you probably haven't. Why lipo protein's important? Well, they are what help us move fat around the body. Of course, if you think about that for just a moment, It's really important that we can move fat around the body in a way that doesn't cause any problems and is efficient for us.

Imagine if we didn't have a mechanism for moving fat around the body. We would be just like a bottle of milk with cream that if we stand up for long enough, all the cream would float to the top. All the fat in our blood would float to the top, and that's no good. So, our body actually produced little particles that we call lipoprotein particles.

They're little knobbly things that literally dissolve in water. If you imagine like a knobbly Ferrero Rocher All made out of protein, which can move through the serum, but inside is all the cholesterol bits that need, all the fatty bits, that need to be moved around the body. That's what the body does, lipoproteins, to move fat around the body.

I've done a whole podcast. If you wanna find out a little bit more about it, that podcast link is attached to this video. Go and have a listen if you want more detail.

For now, however, I'm gonna wish you the very best. Take care and bye for now!


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