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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop. I'm a cardiologist and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute.

We know nutrition is really important for general health and heart health. Well, what about fish oil? And what about vitamin D? Well, fish oil's a little bit complicated in some ways. Fish oil certainly has some role in various aspects of heart health and general health, but some of the data behind it is, well, it would be fair to say, has gaps. And there's even a signal that increased fish oil may, in certain situations, trigger an increase of atrial fibrillation.

What about vitamin D? Well, we certainly think vitamin D deficiency is a problem. Having too much doesn't give you any added benefit, but being deficient can certainly increase your risk of heart-related conditions.

I've done a podcast on these very topics. The link to that podcast is attached to this video. Check it out. I hope you find it interesting.

Till next time. I hope you live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Take care and bye for now!


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