Welcome to Dr Warrick's Podcast Channel. Warrick is a practising cardiologist and author with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education work believes educated patients get the best health care to discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love.

Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop. I'm a cardiologist and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute.

This minute is slightly self-indulgent, so forgive me. This minute is about me celebrating my 200th podcast. I started about three or four years ago. To be honest, I would never have guessed that I'd do 200 podcasts, but I have, and we've covered all sorts of information.

We've talked to the original yellow wiggle. We've talked to anesthetists. We've talked to other cardiologists. We've talked to patients, nurses. We've talked about cholesterol, blood pressure. We've touched on children in consultations. We've talked about A1 and A2 milk. We've talked about astronauts. We've covered lots of bits and pieces.

I truly, genuinely, hope you've found the podcast informative, supportive, and helpful for your own health journeys.

There is a link to my 200th podcast attached to this video. Check it out. And if you haven't, I invite you to check out my other podcasts as well.

For now, though, I wish you the very best, Live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Take care and bye for now!


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